God stories 2012

- Amy's arms were covered in large, crusty blisters and rashes. She had had them for over 3 years. We prayed many times for her, but there was no noticeable difference. Then, one day, she was completely healed when she dared to share her testimony with a friend. She had been fearful to tell any of her old friends what had happened to her and Who she had in her life. When she risked it, He healed her immediately!

- One day, while we as a whole church were in quiet before the Lord, Paolo said, "I smell something". Most of us thought, "Well... ? What does that mean, is there perhaps another mouse that died underneath the stage?". Then Paolo, noticing that no one really understood why he was saying this, "You don't understand, I haven't been able to smell anything other than the most acrid or powerful odors since I was 16. I had an operation on my nose and lost 90% of my olfactory senses". It was funny to hear his wife tell us how this changed their lives... "I wish he could smell a little less now, he now comments continuously on the odors he smells: the asphalt on a hot day, the dog that just walked by, the rain, the cut grass..." :-)

- Shannon's allergy to metals (except pure gold) always made it difficult for her to wear popular earrings that her 15 year-old friends also wore. During a meeting Adri walked up to Shannon to pray over her, "God has blessed you so much in your life, but He wants to also bless your physical health.." Shannon knew what this meant and said YES to God about her allergy to these metals, so she tried her earrings. They hurt a little bit, but did not swell or get her ears infected, so she asked Adri later to pray for them (again). He did, and she's been completely healed of the allergy ever since. You remember, Shannon was healed of cancerous growths in her ears 2 years before.. her allergic responses to most metals caused infections in her ears which developed kelloid tumors. The tumors disappeared, but not the allergic response... not until now. :-)!