2011 God Stories

God visited us in a special way...

1) In an economy that should do anything but promote prosperity, so many in our fellowship have experienced breakthroughs in finances, in finding jobs, in paying bills, in giving freely and in receiving. We cannot thank God enough for His special provisions this year - it has been against all news broadcasts of our Italian economy, but very much in alignment with the prosperity we are experiencing in His grace and wonderful presence.


2) Uterine cancer-like spots in an 18 year-old disappear after prayer in a McDonald's bathroom! She felt a burning sensation while she was being prayed for, and had her doctor check her again. She had been slotted for a partial hysterectomy.  The doctor said "this is a miracle!"... all growths had disappeared completely. The family came to share the testimony with the whole church. WOW!


3) A young woman from a church in Turin came up for prayer and opened her hands. She had deep, splitting, leather-like skin on her hands with blood in the depths. She showed me also a 10cm by 5cm patch on her leg - blackened as though with 3rd degree burns. She described having had this "nervous disorder/disease" since she was a small child and now, at circa 30 years old, it had never gone away and would sometimes bleed. We prayed. 5 days later, at another meeting I had been invited to in Turin, she sought me out and came up to me, smiling brilliantly, and then opened her hands: smooth and supple like a baby's!! All cracks healed completely. She also showed me her leg. In the large crusty patch of black skin were many patches of pink, healthy skin growing in!! Now, 5 months later, all signs are completely gone!


4) Back pain disappeared. Edgar has to lift people in his work as an assistant in a retirement home. His back goes out often. His 12 year-old daughter asked if she could pray for him. She prayed twice, each time the pain reducing until it was completely gone.


5) Marc & Denien: our oldest 2 children got married this year. It was an impossible taks for us to even think about the costs of such. But the provisions God made for us to make the trip to Holland for our daughter's wedding, and to host her celebration here in Italy, and to do the flowers for our son and daughter-in-law's wedding... came together in a truly miraculous way, and the amount covered just a little more than what was needed.


6) Miraculous provision: thieves entered and stole 2 of our wallets that were in a kitchen cabinet. Money had just been given as a gift and put onto a credit card account for me to make a trip to the SOZO International Summit in Redding, California. The thieves were able to use our credit cards for a number of hours before the odd behavior set off signals. More than €3.500 were gone, and a portion of that would not be reimbursed because I had left the pin code, crumpled up in a wad of paper, in one of the wallets. The rest would be put back within 3-4 months.. but I had to leave within two weeks!  Two days after the theft, God began to bless us financially, with sales soaring inexplicably, costs (of lodging and food) for the trip were reduced by sudden discounts... it was amazing. Within 2 weeks of the theft, without the reimbursements coming through, all and more was back on the account and the trip was possible again! And what a trip... Bethel Church, and the Leaders Advance and the SOZO International Summit meetings gave me so much to bring back home and share.