2010 God Stories

God visited us in a special way...


1) Lucio had severe reactions to cats and animals, but kept coming to the gatherings in our home (we raise cats!), even though his face would swell up and his eyes close! We prayed for him (I don't remember who) and the next week he came into our home and was completely symptom-free!!!


2) Lucio had a bone growth on his forehead that had started after being hit in fights as a young man. It was about 2cm in diameter and about .75cm in thickness. We forgot to pray for it, but as he kept coming to the gatherings in our home, it completely disappeared. Lucio said that he had had the horn-like growth for over 12 years. Now it's gone completely!


3) Carlo, a pastor in Torino, called me to tell me that God had healed him after Denien and I had prayed for him in a meeting in Biella. "What did God do for you?!" "My jawbone was broken since childhood. I'm 53 now. I have never been able to close my jaw without clicking sounds and it never alligned. Now the whole jawbone has regrown, completely new, and works perfectly".


4) Marisa works rehab/nursing home/psychiatric clinic with sometimes very difficult cases. One particular patient cannot sleep soundly and is up most nights, but when he does, he usually wets the bed and sleeps very agitatedly. He understood that Marisa has a relationship with God and asked her to pray for him. That night, for the first time in years, he started to sleep peacefully through the night, and was dry in the morning. He told her he could feel God's presence. 


5) Shannon has a genetic disposition to develop kelloid tissue (a type of tumor that grows out of scar tissue in which the scar tissue simply does not stop growing and forms blister-like, firm growths). We had a 3cm long and 2cm wide tumor removed from her ear after the piercing for her earrings began to cause a reaction. She was only 9 then. After the operation, just the simple scar of the cut began to quickly develop the next kelloid tumor, so we prayed, and it stopped growing, but was too thick for her to wear earrings, which she wanted to so much. 5 years and many prayers later, her best friend, Sarah, (then 12 years old) prayed for her in church, inspired by the awareness that God was very tangibly present and that Shannon turned and asked her to pray once again for her ear. This time it dissolved. The whole room exploded with joy. Shannon, now 14, has her ears pierced again, and is thankful to her God for His heart and generosity toward her.


6) After a very long time of unemployment, Adri and Taia asked us to pray for jobs. The Italian market is, at present, not good at all and young people are often used by business owners and never paid because there are so many looking for jobs that they can simply get someone else. They both found good-paying jobs within a week of each other, and also within a few miles of each other!