2009 God Stories

God visited us in a special way...

1) Prayers of confirmation about the vision to work in Italy toward His kingdom and not for one specific denomination are being slowly confirmed. The desire and vision is to unite under His name and His power, and not under the banner of a specific church's name.


2) Upon watching a DVD of a group that our son, Devon, had asked for for Christmas, a group called JesusCulture, I felt a powerful vision overcome me. There was a whole group of people behind this youth group, and I sensed a strong feeling of family, so I prayed "God, if it be your will, I would like to be in fellowship with people like what I feel and sense behind this incredible worship and praise music.."  A few months later I had been informed: the church was called Bethel Church and was in Redding, California. A few months after that I was sitting with my wife as guests to a wedding in a castle on the Lake of Zurich when a dear friend, Heinz Bossi, Vice-President of the Pentecostal Mission of Switzerland, turned spontaneously to me and said, "Marc, I and a team from my church are going to Bethel Church for a special course, and I would like to invite you and Denien to come with us. I'll help you find near-free flights and the course itself will be paid for. If you feel up to it." Three months after that Denien and I were sitting in a plane bound for Redding, overwhelmed with  gratitude, and the trip changed our lives permanently.


4) We came into contact with a ministry in Bethel called SOZO, and with its founders, Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher. During this contact I was healed completely of severe hypoglycemia while on a trip to Bethel Church in Redding California and introduce to a Deliverance and Inner Healing Ministry that changed my entire approach and understanding of inner healing but also of true identity of each of us. 

Upon return from the trip I expected the normal severe ups and downs of sugar levels that came with the hypoglycemia combined with jetlag... and they didn't happen!!! No sugar crashes or overdoses, no sweats, nostudders , no muscle cramps or inability to focus eyes... no symptoms whatsoever!!!


4) Nico asked if the healing of hypoglycemia could also be transferred to a painfully inflamed nerve.. "freely I've been given, freely I give" and a prayer was spoken to this effect. He was healed instantaneously of inflamed nerve in face!


5) Marco was healed of scoliosis! His back is completely healed.


6) Ele was healed of asthma! No symptoms at all whatsoever.


7) Mauri experienced a profound level of liberation of his asthma. He now can visit us, and our cats, without any symptom whatsoever. But, in other homes with other cats, the symptoms return. (??!!)


8) Raquel's lungs emptied overnight of three months of fluid on them. The chronic bronchitis/pneumonia was healed within 24 hours of a prayer of healing for her.