W.Marc King, together with his wife, Denien Lamone, are founders of LaRocca Ministries and senior pastors of Vineyard Church LaRocca in Asti, Italy. Marc was born in Little Rock, Ark, USA and Denien in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA.

Marc and Denien have lived in the Piedmont in the province of Asti, with their 4 children, for more than 20 years.




Marc is passionate about the Kingdom of God in Italy, but also in Europe. His life and energies are dedicated to this vision.

Completing his Bachelors degree in Fine Arts at the University of Louisiana at Baton Rouge, specializing in stained glass and ceramic design and minoring in Medieval Art History, Marc went on to study languages, specifically German and the Alemannic dialects of northern Switzerland in Zurich, returning after a 14 month hiatus to the United States to complete a Masters program in Dialectology, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and the history of the development of German at West Virginia University.

The time spent as a student in Switzerland changed his life permanently and redirected his goals. Having a passionate faith in Jesus Christ and His love for people, he came into contact with and devoted much time to youth in the town in the canton of Zurich called Hombrechtikon, where he had a rented room as a student. Seeing many young people come to Christ through the simply testimony of a real, living and loving God, Marc’s passion for academia shifted and was refocused to a thorough preparation of the unwritten dialects of Germanic-speaking Switzerland as well as their written language, German.A life-long love affair with the Swiss German began.

Marc’s passions go from “being a dad!, both in the natural and in the spirit” to pastoring and mentoring people and/or entire churches, to the breeding animals and plants: leopard- and/or tiger-patterned domestic cats (Bengals and Toygers), long-tail poultry (Onagadori, Minohiki, Phoenix), to the creation of an exotic Cattelya orchid (national flower of Brazil) form in the common “Daylily” (Hemerocallis).

Marc’s passion for people and creating venues for creative passions led him to co-found Europe’s first genus-specific perennial plant society, Hemerocallis Europa, for which he was awarded the Dick Kitchingman Silver Salver for promotion of Hemerocallis in the UK.

Marc’s passion for gardening in general, for orchid-form daylilies and the ornamental grasses have been featured in numerous articles in his new homeland, Italy, (Gardenia, etc.) with the highest level of recognition as a plantsman and rare plant collector being given. His work with the leopard-patterned cats led to him being asked to write the first book on the breed for Italy.

Passionate about family and hospitality, Denien's heart is seen in her unwavering servitude, motherhood, in creating and tending an atmosphere of refuge, comfort and kindness.

Denien has a degree in education and taught for a few years before joining Marc to enter the mission field on their honeymoon.

Her love of cooking goes far beyond the borders of her native Italian cuisine, and her passion for people and family unite in the loving attention she pays to every detail in making people feel welcome and at home.

A power intercessor, without her prayers LaRocca would never have been.